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January 25, 2008

Breakdown service

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We came to several conclusions about breakdown services while we were being extricated from the floods.

The first is that Yorkshire is a good place to break down.  Well, no place is a good place to break down, but when you’re in trouble and you’re looking for help rather than the adventure of a lifetime, Yorkshire can be highly recommended.  People there are as eager to help as New Yorkers in the middle of a black out or terrorist bomb.  The comparison arises from first hand experience.  We had offers of coffee, two emergency candy bars, hot soup, a complimentary hotel room reservation way before we knew how much we were going to appreciate it, a taxi, a dry towel, and a lot of solicitation.  And good crack, which is what they call talking up there.

We also had a first hand comparison of auto breakdown services.  The driver of the car stuck in the water in front of us sat next to us in the Little Chef.  His breakdown service, the RAC, had his car towed to a garage within two hours.  Our breakdown service, the AA, was unable to reach our car before the police finally had it towed five hours after our original call.  We were considering switching to the RAC but the garage running the towing service for the police told us that in their experience, the best breakdown service in England is Briannia Rescue.  Even on paper, their cover is superior to what we are getting from the AA, and a recommendation from the men at the cutting edge has a certain authenticity that seems worth taking seriously.

So we’re switching when our current cover runs out in two weeks.

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