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November 3, 2007

Cure for neurotic worry

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After posting my worry blog yesterday, it finally became clear to me that the reason I couldn’t stop worrying about my UK tax situation was that I wasn’t confident I could defend the relevant figures in the event of an audit.  Having identified the problem, I sat down with my tax files and studied them in the light of everything I’ve learned in the last four months about the tax system here.  It helped a lot.  That nagging neurotic obsessive worry has disappeared, leaving merely a realistic desire to finish the process and hope that the final bill isn’t too far adrift from my expectations.

I did know there was something unrealistic about the way I was worrying, but I’m amazed the solution was so obvious.   It did, of course, take some studying on my part and I couldn’t have done it when I first started out on this learning escapade. 

But it confirms my philosophy.  Whether it’s worry or depression or illness or anxiety or loneliness or anger, it’s not just the event out there that explains how we feel.  We ourselves bring our own interpretations to events too.  It can change things completely. 

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