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July 26, 2007

Jack: my brother the lawyer

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My third brother, Jack, was born when I was three.  I’d been hoping for a sister, thinking that two brothers met my needs sufficiently for male competition.   But from practically the day he was born, Jack was one of the cutest little kids I’ve ever seen in my life.  He was a darling who people instinctively wanted to hug.  I always thought of him as being the sunniest of all my sibs, and indeed he seems to have been unaware of much of the trauma that swept through the house after my mother died and Dad remarried.

This probably made it possible for Jack to become a lawyer and join Dad in his legal practice.  He married Mimi, whose brothers and sisters had been in school with each of us and they eventually moved with their four children into the property where we had grown up.  It saved the homestead for all of us, and they have always made us welcome to return – for weddings, funerals, and various excuses we occasionally concoct for family celebrations.

Jack is the only one of my sibs who could have raised a family on the old farm without indoctrinating them with the conflicts of the earlier generation.  But he and Mimi did, and I have always been amazed by the sheer cheerful wholesomeness of his children – and now the many grandchildren.  Part of the farm has been sold and is now a shopping mall.  But the old property with three homes and as many generations still overlooks the lake and is screened by the trees planted over half a century ago. 

I guess Jack never felt he had to get away from Ohio.  I enjoy him a lot and find him easy to be with.  It is a surprise because in some ways he is living a life that, by the time I was six, I was determined to escape.


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