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June 17, 2007

Churchill and the ladybug

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I disturbed a toad in our garden yesterday when I was spreading mulch.  Toads are welcome residents since their dietary intake includes undesirable little things that munch on our vegetables before we get to them.  So I apologized to the toad and hope I moved away fast enough not to discourage its continued residence with us.

Today I found a ladybug studiously making its way across the floor of the conservatory.  Ladybugs also bring good fortune to the garden, though I don’t know why.  In any case, I lifted it outside to a place where I also hope it will thrive.

There is a story that Winston Churchill once found a ladybug on his desk when he was Prime Minister.  He had to leave for a high-powered meeting, and told an aide not to harm it, but to make sure it was transferred to a place of greater safety.  According to legend, the aide later came into the meeting and whispered loudly to Churchill:  “Don’t worry, sir.  She got out the window.”

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